I am Gurdev Kaur Deol from Lyali Khurd Village in Ludhiana in Punjab. I am married and my husband’s name is Gurdev Singh Deol. We have a son and his name is Vikram Singh Deol. In 2008, with the view of promoting organic farming and other organic activities, our group, global self-help group was started. After that it became an NGO. In March 2015, the group was registered under the name, Global Self Help Group Farmer Producer Organization. Today we have more than 400 farmers connected with the group.

We make pickle, murabba, sauces and squash juices. We do bee-keeping and have 450 boxes for the bee-keeping. We also purchase organic pulses from other farmers and we pack and sell them. We also do fanning of turmeric, chilly and other spices. After packaging, we sell them.

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Message To Farmers

My message to farmers is that they should adopt the organic farming and should stop using chemicals and pesticides which harm the soil and environment. Excessive use of pesticides and chemicals is making the soil infertile. The yield from organic farming is high and the produce is also sold at good prices, however we should not sell them at higher prices but at the same prices as non-organic products as at times due to high price, customers do not purchase organic products. All those farmers who have only 3-4 acres of land should go in for vegetable farming instead of conventional cycle of wheat and paddy because with vegetables they can earn more profits.


Address: Deol Dairy, Village- Dasmesh Nagar, Iyali Khurd, Ludhiana,Punjab.
Phone: +91 9316285767, 9988008003